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DEFIBTECH – Lifeline Standard Battery Pack (DBP-1400)


DEFIBTECH – Standard Battery Pack (DBP-1400) – What makes this battery pack so remarkable is the duo batteries that are included in the battery pak.  the primary battery DBP-1400 and the lithium 9-volt battery DAC-410. The primary battery DBP-1400 powers the AEDs primary function of analyzing and defibrillation during a rescue  The replaceable 9 volt battery, powers the unit’s self checks leaving the battery pack available for a rescue.  The 9-volt battery can be depleted and yet the AED will still deliver a shock as long as the primary battery is charged. Another great feature of the Defibtech Standard battery is that the AED will notify you by a chirping and the green indicator will flash red when the batteries are low.  To check the status of the battery simply push the the power button down and hold for 2 seconds. The AED will then advise you to replace 9 volt or replace battery.  The primary Defibtech Battery has a stand-by life of 5 years installed and can deliver up to 125 shocks or 8 hours of continuous monitoring and or rescue operations.  The 9-volt lithium battery will need to be replaced once every 6-12 months. Each battery pack comes with a new DAC-410 9-volt lithium battery.


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