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HEARTSINE Pediatric PAD-Pak (Patients 1-8 years & <55lbs or 25 kg


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HEARTSINE Pediatric PAD-Pak (Patients 1-8 years & <55lbs or 25 kg – These pads are so unique, they incorporate the AED battery and electrodes into one single-use cartridge making it simple to monitor with only one date for both the pads and batteries. When it is time to replace, you simply order the Pad-Pak to receive a replacement battery and pads. Both adult and child electrodes are color-coded to avoid confusion. The electrodes are designed to deliver appropriate charge for adult and child.  The Adult pads are gray in color and are used for children over 8 years of age as well as adults. The pediatric pads are pink  and have a smaller charge threshold for children 55lbs or less (typically children under 8 years old).  The Pediatric pads are designed to  deliver the appropriate shock for a small child’s heart. The Adult pads come with a four-year life and provide 30 shocks, or six hours of continuous monitoring. When your AED is down to 10 shocks or less you will be alerted by a low battery sound and the status indicator light changes from green to red reminding you that the PAD-Pak should be replaced. The pads have a expiration date for easy reference.  It is recommended to always have  a spare set of Adult Pads available in case of emergency or use.





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