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Phillips HeartStart OnSite Adult Smart Pads Cartridge, HS1


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HeartStart Onsite Adult SMART Pads are appropriate for cardiac arrest victims who are 8 and older and weighing 55 pounds (25kg) or more. It is best to always keep a second set of SMART Pads on hand.

Instructions for use

  1. Remove clothing from patient’s torso.
  2. Wipe any moisture from patient’s skin and remove excessive chest hair, if necessary.
  3. Tear open the electrode pads package.
  4. Quickly check to make certain that pads and cable are undamaged.
  5. Pull off the protective backing from the electrode pads. Make sure that the gel on the pads has not dried out. If so, use a new set of electrode pads.
  6. Place electrode pads with sticky side to patient’s skin. For an adult patient, place one pad below the right collar bone, the other one goes over the patient’s ribs in line with the armpit and below the left breast.
  7. Connect the pads to the Philips HeartStart FR2+ AED. Make sure the pads connector is seated firmly into the connector socket.

It is important that you do not open the hard cove or film seal until ready to use. Once opened cover immediately to prevent the pads from drying out. If the adhesives on the pads dry out you will need to replace the pads and the cartridge.

Always refer to your device’s Operator’s Manual for full and complete instructions.


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