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Zoll AED Plus Package # 2


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Zoll AED Plus Package #2  This defibrillator will assist you through the administration of CPR. It has visual and step-by-step audio prompts that will take you through the steps of CPR .

  • The machine will advise you to start CPR if you wait to start
  • The AED will tell you if you need to push harder.
  • Or it will say Good Compressions if you are pushing hard enough.
  • It has a built in metronome to keep your compression at the correct compression rate.
  • If compression are stopped , it will tell you to continue

The Zoll AED Plus features a single piece easy to place electrode pad. Markings show where your hands should be placed for proper chest compressions.

This device can also defibrillate children up to age 8 with the use  of pedi•padz II electrodes.

Zoll AED Plus Package #2 comes with AED cover for Public Safety, one sleve of batteries and one set pf CPR-D Padz.






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