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The only CPR rescue device that provides audible and visual instructions before and during a rescue. You simply turn on the device and it will coach you through each step.

 Among the commands are:  “Call for help;”  “Open the airway;” and “Check to see if they’re getting air.” 

Simply turn on the device, place it on the patient’s chest,  place both hands in the normal chest compression site right on top of the Pocket CPR unit and it will coach you.  It requires somewhere in excess of 75 pounds pressure to deliver good compressions and this device gives you that feedback.

Chest compression feedback in the palm of your hand offers Real-Time Audible and Visual Feedback, Accurate Depth of Compressions, Continuous Prompts for Correct Rate and Depth. Some of the feedback it provides is to advise the user to “Push Harder” if needed. If your chest compressions are correctly performed, the device will advise  the rescuer by saying “Good Compressions.”

This unit is Affordable and Reusable and has been made with Durable Construction .



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